Sunday, June 9, 2013

1000 Online English Coaches (Teachers)

Genashtim Innovative Learning is needing 1000 Online English Coaches, preferably Persons With Disabilities who can work from their own homes.

Here are their basic requirements:
- Computer and stable internet connection, preferably wired DSL with minimum speed of 1mbps
- Fluent in spoken and written English
- with American or neutral accent
- With or without teaching experience
- He/She must be computer literate
- Willing to start immediately

Those interested may send their resume/CV with recent photo to,  mention disability, if any.

Starting rate is $4.5/hour for non-native speakers, $5.25/hour for native speakers.

Their website is

FYI, I just lifted most of the words from their craigslist ad.

Home based online English teachers should take advantage of this opportunity.