Monday, April 6, 2009

Academic Writing and Research

Academia-Research is a freelance writing service company that is dedicated to professional research and writing. They support customers in academia who require customer-specific essays and other written documents. All work is prepared according to generally accepted editorial and style standards used in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

Academia-Research was recommended to me by a relative who heard about this through a friend. I checked the site, submitted the form and got a response in less than a week. I had to pass a sample research/essay project. It took a while for them to give me an answer. I passed the screening process after waiting a while. Upon logging into their system, I was overwhelmed by the topics that required research. I used to write for Accurate Essays and I can say my assignments were easier there.

The system of Academia-Research kept sending me jobs that I did not request for. The first time I got a job order, I finished that night. When I logged back in to submit my work, there was no option for me to send it back. I had to call customer support about this. It turned out the job was not mine, their system sent it to me by mistake. Sheesh! After losing hours of sleep over that esssay, they tell me I was not supposed to get it.

Days later, I kept getting job orders that were not mine. I had the option to put my profile on hold so I would not have to do any jobs till I become active again. Nevertheless I still kept getting job orders after the tweak. I decided to cancel my profile so I would not get anymore orders.

The nature of this job requires a lot of research and resources. Those interested may visit Academia-Research, follow the instructions for application.

Good luck.

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