Saturday, May 9, 2009

For US Telecommuters

This blog is mostly for Filipinos in the Philippines who are considering working at home or looking for extra income. I have some relatives and friends in the US who are asking about homebased work.

Staffcentrix's Rat Race Rebellion is a site that is dedicated to US telecommuters, most specially spouses of US Military personnel. There are some information here that can be useful to people outside of the US as well.

I tried signing up for an account at LiveOps. I discovered during the course of the agent test that I'm not eligible because I am not in the US.

Good luck to all who seek to work at home!


  1. Thanks for the links, I have some friends who're looking for home-based jobs too. I'll check out Rat Race Rebellion, if it's pretty good I'll recommend it to a friend whose fiance is a part of the US Army.


  2. Hello imee. Thanks for dropping by. I hope you and your friends woould fine the information I have posted her useful.
    Good luck!