Tuesday, October 16, 2012

We Need an Article Editor/Spinner

My boss is looking for an article editor/spinner. The articles are on email marketing and related principles. She will be doing the writing but she needs someone who will edit and spin her work a bit.

Here's a set of instructions that needs to be followed to the T. Please do the following:

1. Create an email, in the subject line put: Merry Christmas.

2. Write something about yourself. Not less than  50 words, not more than 150.

3. Edit the following text:

The principle reason for the follow up meeting is to talk about how we will handle inquiries from the press. we are already receiving a large amount of calls from the media, and we want to insure that our statements compliment our print strategy? As a HIV-AIDS advocacy organization, we must discretely manage information and the affects of any publicity.If you receive inquiries you cannot handle, just foreword them to Britta or myself.

Include in your email the edited version of the text above.

4. Prepare an article that you have written and spun. It should be at least 70 words, not more than 200. Attach this to the email as a PDF file.

Send the "answers" to fiona.emaildelivered [@] gmail . com.

Initially, this job would be a per piece basis but if my boss finds a candidate who is good and reliable, she may be able to give a small commitment.

I don't know how much the salary would be. This will be discussed during the interview.

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