Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Set Your Goals

I heard that people who don't set goals are set for failure. I've tried setting my goals every year (I do this instead of doing resolutions). Some of the goals I was able to accomplish, some I failed. I think I failed to accomplish these goals simply because I didn't know how to set them properly.

 Year 2012 will start in a few days and I'm pretty sure people are starting to think of resolutions or goals. The Silva Life Systems has created guidelines on how to set goals, it's “The Power of Goal Setting and Life Planning”. Here are the steps:

Step 1 – Identify What’s Important to You

Step 2 – Set Long Term Goals in Each Area

Step 3 – Decide What You Need to Do This Year to Achieve Your Long Term Vision

Step 4 – Put it All Down on Paper

Step 5 – Begin the Process of Creative Visualization

Step 6 – Begin taking Action towards Your Goals

These steps are important in achieving goals. It's not enough we have goals but we also have to know how to achieve them and what to do to get to the finish line.

More information can be found on the Silva Life System site.

Happy New Year!


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