Sunday, May 27, 2012

Chat Girls

I've seen the ad on craigslist a few times before. I did a bit of research and I think there is a market for this. Japanese men have always been wanting different kinds of entertainment so I wouldn't be surprised with this one:

Welcome at Live Video Chat registration in Japan Online
Chat Girls Wanted!

We are currently looking for chat girls.

 Become a chat girl and earn money from home.

 Japanese Learners? Earn money by chatting and practicing with Japanese members. (You don't need to be Japanese Learners to start this job.)


 Earn money from the comfort of your home

 You set your own hours

 Choose Platonic chat or Adult chat

 Earn money every minute you chat (No free chat for you to waste your time)

 Learn Japanese by earning money
(Japanese is not required)

 Can chat with up to 100 people simultaneously.
Be a star and get Centuple (100) pay 

There is no need to get naked and do "stuff" unless the chat operator wants to. I wonder if there are girls out there who are interested....