Thursday, May 24, 2012

Homebased Freelancers: A New Breed of Filipino Workers

Interesting read. I am not working for oDesk but I do work for US/Canadian clients. Homebased freelance work is the growing trend everywhere, especially here in the Philippines. Yes, I turn night into day and day into night just to make a living but it's all worth it. 

I'm glad the writer of the blog recognizes how good most Filipino homebased workers are.
So, why do we care that Philippines is awake all the time? The immediate benefit is that getting a team in Philippines can ensure the availability of labor for handling real-time tasks. If you have a human-powered application, you do not want to have any dead periods of time, where the application is slowing down or becomes completely unresponsive. However, by hiring people from Philippines, it is possible to have a "private crowd" available around the clock, by simply asking the Philippines contractors to "show up" at different points during the day/week.

Philippines: The country that never sleeps (or, When is the world working? The oDesk Edition) 

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