Saturday, June 23, 2012

Looking for Online English Tutors

ENGLISH4IMMIGRANTS a.k.a. ENFIM is a fast-growing Online English School established in 2010. We are an international company offering English language tutorial services for Spanish and Brazilian students via the internet
Leader in teaching English as a second language with tutors from the Philippines' top universities as our frontline,
We are fast becoming the #1 Online English Tutorial School in Brazil, Latin America and The United States  
We are looking for smart, driven, and excellent individuals that will set the mark and walk the path of innovation with us. Join us as you venture into a stimulating and challenging career.

Be a part of the English4immigrants Family!
Part-Time Work - Full-Time Salary!
PHP between 150-220 per hour (50-minute class), depending on experience and credentials
Part-time Language tutors :
Teach English in a fun, and effective way
Teach other subjects if qualified to do so (Math, Reading, homework help, ETC)
Create a classroom environment by establishing a student-teacher relationship And by using various teaching strategies

Part-time Language tutors:
-fast computer at home or work, with reliable wired internet connection (no Wi-Fi) and at least 1 Mbps and nice headset.
-Candidate must possess at least a vocational Diploma/Short Course Certificate,
Bachelor's/College Degree, Linguistics/Languages, Mass Communications, Education/
Teaching/Training or Equivalent
• Possesses very good English communication skills
• Hard-working, efficient and always on-time
• Preferably has work experience in a call center, English teaching or English tutoring
• Can work at least 20 hours per week
• Familiar with the use of Skype and Google mail
• Applicants must be willing to teach a 20-minute free session to show student how class will be conducted.
• Shift is: Mon-Fri: between 6:00 AM - 11:00 AM or 6:00 PM – 11:00 PM and Sat/Sun: between 7:00 PM- 1:00 AM
How to apply:
Send resume to english4immigrants @
Or Skype us!  Skype Name: english4immigrants
(Leave a message, Skype name, and best time to reach you)
Pass the oral interview via Skype or Gmail
Only if you pass...
Send your picture to be posted in our website
Send a voice message or youtube video to be posted in our website
(Introduce yourself and talk about how good you are for about less than a minute)
Qualified applicants will undergo our 50-minute training, which is mutually beneficial, with a school representative prior to teaching first class.
Applicants who do not follow the application procedure will not be entertained.
Build your career with us!   Be part of the ENFIM team!
english4immigrants @ contact person:  Mr. Lopez

I'm not sure if other people would be able to see the document. Here's the link to this ad's Google Document.

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  1. hi Miss Fiona, what a co-incidence, this company sent me an email invitation to apply to their company. The email was dated July 19, I must have overlooked it, I sent a reply to them just now. They saw my profile either on or Would you happen to know if they are continuously hiring teachers or this ad is still active? I'm already teaching English to Chinese students (not with Mr.Wu, he does not reply to my messages) with the other company. This is my first time to really teach online, and It was a very rewarding experience.